The Factory

The Factory

The Factory fitness pavilion is one of many features at Paradise Coast Sports Complex geared toward the local community. Located next to The Great Lawn, The Factory will consist of the MoveStrong workout area, National Fitness Court®, Open Air Classroom, Open Air Weight Room and Lake Trail.

MoveStrong Functional Fitness Equipment

MoveStrong is bringing their unique fitness setup to paradise! Utilizing functional fitness equipment this setup harnesses your body as resistance and uses basic tools like dead weights and free-form moving objects to promote stability and free range of movement. The MoveStrong station will be part of a membership program, but the individual stations located around the almost one-mile Lake Trail, will be open for the public to use from dawn to dusk.

National Fitness Court®

The National Fitness Court® was designed by a talented team to create the most advanced outdoor training platform and wellness ecosystem in the world. This unique outdoor feature will be open to the public and can be utilized by the fitness community for special programing.

Sponsorship Contact:
Amy Fouty | General Manager | Paradise Coast Sports Complex

Programing Contact:
James Hanrahan | Tournament Coordinator | Paradise Coast Sports Complex